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Why Use Vinyl over paint?
First of all vinyl is cheaper and faster than painting. When you have a machine painted you can simply chose a base color and run all you graphics in vinyl. The benefit of this is 2 fold, you can change the design at any point, and repair in the even of pavement contact is simple.

What type of Vinyl Should you use?
Vinyl comes in many different varieties and qualities. Most high performance vinyl is good for 5 to 8 years in extreme outdoor conditions. Cheaper vinyl can also be had for 3 year adhesion and fade resistance. Use the vinyl that makes sense for your application.

What colors can you get?
All of them! Vinyl can come in everything from flat black to brushed aluminum and even some pearl and reflective colors.

Can I get more than one color per graphic?
Yes you can, you can get as many colors as needed. Imagine each color as a layer, then we just stack the layers to line up properly. But, be prepared, having multiple colors can somtimes do the same to the price.

Can you paint over vinyl?
Yes, but only the high performance is recommended for this. The high performance is resistant to most chemicals and is very durable for painting. We recommend you run a test panel with the paint and sample vinyl before committing.

How do you install the vinyl?
Vinyl is simple to install. First make sure you have a reference point for placement of the graphic. Use a wax and grease remover to clean the area very well for proper adhesion.

  1. Spray the are with a solution of water and dish soap, (about 4 drops of soap per cup of water).
  2. Peal the backing off the vinyl and give it a squirt or to for complete coverage of solution.
  3. Place the graphic on the location to be installed and gently slide around until you have it in the proper location.
  4. Run a squeegee over the vinyl to remove as much moisture as possible.
  5. Then let it sit for about 5 minuets.
  6. When you peal the tack sheet off make sure you use a very sharp angle, try to make the tack sheet parallel with the surface as you are pulling it off.
  7. Pull gently and slowly to reveal your new vinyl graphic.


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